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external coil
I did another external coil mod as I am getting closer to the turbo install and plan to put new cap and rotor as well as new plugs.  So here we go

I used a Dermal with a cut off wheel to remove the stud that inserts into the internal coil.  I then used a center punch to get me as close to center as I possibly could and proceeded to drill it out till I reach the metal tab inside.  I made the hole large enough to insert the screw head  directly on to the metal tab.  Be careful not to drill farther than you absolutely have to.

Next Step I took was to modify the parts I bought from MSD.  For this I used a hacksaw to cut it at the base and filed it as close to square as possible.

Again with the cut off wheel I removed the nub.    Placed the screw through the hole I drill a installed the plastic post to shield the metal contact and marked it to be trimmed with a sanding drum on the Dremel.

Inserted the screw from underneath placed the plastic shield and installed the bronze cap.  I then used some epoxy that I bought from Radio shack to make sure that there will be no arcing in the inside or outside of the cap.  It took about 15 minutes of my time to do the mod and 24hrs for the epoxy to dry.

If you are wondering where I got the red post and screw it came from MSD and included an 8.8 mm wire cost was 8.99.  Part number 8403