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I was bored
I was bored today and had nothing better to do but modify my car some how.  I had bought this hood scoop a while ago with the intention of installing it.  But I  found through Probe Talk that there is a hood that is available in carbon fiber.  So seeing that I am getting this hood when the time comes I decide that I would do a Quick hood scoop install.  With that said it took me all of 10 minutes to install the hood.   I really didn't care how it looked so here we go.  First I thought that I could use that double sided sticky tape.  NOT the hood is to curved for the tape to hold the scoop in place.  Determined to put this damn thing on I decide it was time to pull out the trusty old drill.  Yes I said drill remember I was bored so here I go drilling some hole in a perfectly good hood.  Two drill bits later and a couple of rivets  it is done cost $35.00 and five minutes that included the time to get the camera and takes some pictures.

BEFORE                                                         +                                        THIS

EQUALS THIS                                                                                                       NOT TO SHABBY

Not Bad for a couple of construction workers  by the way it took two of us to put it on.  One to hold the scoop in place and the other to drill and install the rivets.  Thanks Joe for the help and the idea of painting the rivets black so they are not to conspicuous. I was just going to leave them silver seeing how lazy I am