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Current Plans
Well the current plans for the turbo install are not going according to plans.  The plan was to start the install some time towards the end of March.  I gor into a couple of bulkbuys one for a set of fuel rails and the other for some Headers from HotShot performance.  Seeing that neither one will be in untill sometime in April it kind of puts a dent in my plans.  I had to reorder my CSV from .  They sent me the wrong parts the first time.  Instead of recieving a blow off valve I recieved an airfilter made by WeaponR.  Also I am currently trying to find the right clutch setup that I will like.  I was leaning toward the Center Force Dual Friction 2 but have not heard very good reports about this product.  They seem to be recomending the ACT stage three on the bullitine board.  Go figure!!!!  I don't want to install this clutch for a third time.  I think I am going to run my Stillen stage 2 clutch till I get some extra money?  Clutch $300 = a light weight Flywheel 370 = to much for right now.   I think this week I will pickup my fans but I do not which one I will go with I currentl have a couple in mind one is from Perma Cool and two are from Flex A Lite.  There is only a couple of dollars difference in these fans  But there is a lot of difference in Depth and airflow ratings.   With the intercooler on order and on back order there are only a few loose end that I have to clean up.  Misc fittings that I will need maybe a EGT sensor to replace the A/F meter and also get my Waste Gate from Turbo Netics.   Also in the market for a Second or third gen Eclipse or Talon perferably All wheel drive T/C.  But who knows?