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Installation of MSD6al with external coil

First step is to take the Distributor apart.
I am sorry about the bad picture this shot is with the coil removed.
The next step is to remove the Three pin plug and set it aside.  After that you have to solder on or crimp a ring terminal and put it where you took the screw off.  It should look like the picture.  Note I put a grommet on the wire entering the dist.  This wire is the triggering wire.
It is hard to see the wire colors in this picture but they are yellow/blue and Black/red.  The Black with the Red stripe is your ignition on and is wired to the red wire from the MSD.  The Yellow/blue is your Tach wire for your car and is installed on the white wire using a Y.  One part of the Y goes into the dist and the other is connected to the yellow wire.  The last part of the Y goes to the MSD.
The Orange and Black wires go to the coil.  I installed a 2 pin Water proof connector to these wire this way I can remove the wires if needed.  These wires go to the coil.  Orange Positive side and Black negative side.  I made a bracket that goes where the old Air box used to be.
I mounted the coil where the Battery used to be.  It was easily located there for the time being.  I will need this space for the Turbo install later.
I do not have any pics of the cap modifications I will try to make another one when I get a chance.
Here is the finished picture of the install.
I know that the air filter is sucking in hot air but it is winter and I did not want to suck up the SALT AIR.

OK I have had the unit installed for 3 years now.  The only problem I have had is when I changed from internal to external.  Here are some pictures of the problem it wasn't a major one but it still caused my car to run like shit.  Be careful when installing the unit and make sure there is enough clearance for the triggering device.
Starting from the top going from Left to Right.  Top view of the triggering mechanism.  The side view of the mechanism.  Notice the scrapes and how twisted and mangled it got.  Below is a dust cover notice the Rubbing there.  Next to it is the cause it seemed when I redid the install the second time.  I had to take the wire tab off and install this ring terminal.  Assuming that every thing was fine I put every thing back together again.  Not the Ring terminal some time in the 6 months that I installed the unit a second time loosened up and caused a clearance problem hence the car missing.  I changed the terminal today and did a temporary repair using a pair of pliers and bending the tabs back in place.  I now need a new distributor cause the trigger is rounded.  The car runs fine with the repair but I don't want to push it.  Because the trigger being rounded out the timing may change.  I will drive the car like this and baby it until I get a new dist.  Damn it what a day the night before some one hit my baby on the passenger side front.  LOOK