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Future Plans

In the future I plan on changing the fly wheel in the car to a lightened one from a Mazda MX3 or an Aluminum flywheel. Hopefully reducing some weight and increasing horse power band making a sweeter power band  But first is going to be some body mods.  I like the nose and side skirts made by Sensi.  I was thinking about the hood but I really would like to put some hood vents in on the stock hood. PAINT the car is badly in need of a new coat of paint.  I am going to use a yellow color but not sure on what shade of yellow.  Tockio struts to help in the traction department seeing as I already have a traction problem.  Changing over to a BTM instead of the MSD 6AL.  J&S knock sensor.  Hopefully get an Andrew sword special computer so that I can change over to mass air.  Do some head work and maybe make a sheet metal intake.  I will be working on the intake manifold design on my CAD program over the next few months.  I just have to purchase a used manifold so that I can get some measurements from.  I also will need someone with a good machine shop any ideas.