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About the Probe  
I purchased the car in 96 the probe had a total of 36000 miles on the car.  I bought the car on a salvage title as a garage fell on the roof.  I paid $4200.00 for the vehicle.  The body is a little beatup but for the price I paid for my car I really did not care.  The car has been great besides the rear brake calipers which is normal for this car.  I plan on repairing the body later but now I am in the pursuit for MORE POWER.  And that took me to various web sites.  I did some basic mods some of which I liked and some I wished I never did.  Some of the mods that I performed are.  A Stillen stage two clutch which is iffy.  Installed an MSD 6AL a not needed mod at the time but now is essential.  A cat back exhaust from Borala which help but did not like the sound of so I cut the muffler off and install a Race Magnum and a Bro Speed 4 1/2 inch tip.  I like the sound of it now.  I made a custom cold air intake with a K&N and some 3 inch steel tubing to draw some cold air.  I changed the lower pulley from stock to the Unorthodox pulley.  A good mod in my option. I could not feel the difference in hp but the car tached up a little faster.  My spark plug wire were acting up so I bought the Nology hot wires.  Now as everybody's knows that if you can't go fast you have to make the car more enjoyable to drive.  In comes the SOUND system.  A JVC head unit some Pioneer subs and a huge amp some tweeters and upgraded door speakers by Clarion.  I enjoyed the car like this for a while and I am now in the process of being a Boost head Bunny.  I am currently in the process of designing my turbo system and fabricating it.  I first started by setting some reasonable goals for my self.  I did some research on Probe talk asked some questions.  The best advice that any body gave me was to purchase a copy of Maximum Boost.  From there I started to purchase some parts and research others.  I plan on installing the turbo some time in April when the weather starts to brake as I live in the POT HOLE capital of the world Michigan.  I also set a price in which to do this project with.  $4500.  Which is a little more than TKT sells there units for but I am going to include some gauges and an FMU which he does not along with some other things that I have planned.